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Update: 23 March 2017
This free web mail service is now closed.

Update: 24 February 2017
The free web mail accounts can no longer send outbound email.

It has come to our attention that a small number of users have been using paid email accounts with

We have never supported the paid service. When launched the paid service, we ran banners advising users of this fact, and in 2004 we were given assurances that our domain names would be removed from this offering. We have never received any payment in connection with users that have taken out a paid service.

When the free service is terminated in full on 23rd March 2017, our domain names will be removed from's service, so paid email will cease to work. Users of the paid service will need to contact with regards to any issues this causes.

Update: 1 February 2017
In their infinite wisdom, have plastered the mail service with a notice that says:

"You will have the option to continue using the email service and retain all your messages by subscribing to Mail Plus Total Protection"

This is incorrect. We have never supported Mail Plus and are not doing so now. Even though are fully aware of this fact, we contacted them on the 26th January 2017 to remind them not to offer the Mail Plus service to our users. When the free mail service ends, we will be removing our domain names from their service, so there is no way to continue to use the same email address.

Important Notice: 26 January 2017
Today we received notice from, the company that powers our free web mail service, advising that they have reversed their recent decision to continue supporting free web mail accounts.

After 23rd February 2017, free web mail accounts will no longer be able to send e-mail.

The account itself will remain accessible until 23rd March 2017.

Please ensure you have copies of any important e-mails. We have previously been advised that printing and/or copy+pasting is the only safe way to do this to avoid the account getting locked by the spam detection system.

Also, please ensure that you are not relying on the e-mail address in connection with any important communication/services after the relevant dates.

Any additional details and announcements will only be made via the site.

It's sad to see this free service finally end after 16 years, especially in this manner, but it is completely outside of our control.

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